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The numbers before the day and month names in the Java calendar designate the date in each of the two Mayan calendars.  The Mayans used two calendars running simultaneously.

The first is the religious calendar year of 260 days (numbers 1-13 X 20 day names).

The second is the solar calendar year of 365 days (20 days per month X18 months + 5 days in Uayeb).  Uayeb is an unlucky period of the year used to synchronize the calendar with the sun.  It was a period of many rituals and great sacrifices.

Together, the two calendars name the unique date in a 52 year cycle called the "Calendar Round."

The second set of numbers, #.#.#.#.#, is called the Long Count date.  It is a day by day count of days since the beginning of time for the Mayans.

The procession of numbers though the long count is much like an odometer, the numbers increasing in value from right to left, and the rollers counting through the following numbers: (0-12).(0-19).(0-19).(0-17).(0-20)

For example, 7/28/98 which has a long count value of would be calculated
(12*144000) + (19*7200) + (5*360) + (7*20) + (0*1) to find out the number of days since this calendar has been running.  This happens to be 1866740 days or about 5000 years.  This is a very ancient calendar.

 Calendarul Aztec

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